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Friday, March 15, 2019

T_Aquaticus- More Ignorance from Peaceful Science

Evos are such a clueless lot. Now a moron who goes by T_Aquaticus spews its willful ignorance:
You expect excruciating detail for evolutionary pathways, but expect absolutely zero detail for how features like the flagellum emerged in the intelligent design model. Why?
What a dolt! Your side says it has a step-by-step mechanism for producing what we observe. We are merely asking for it. If you don't have it than stop making the claim.

That said, there isn't any design-centric venue in which we need to know the how BEFORE we can determine whether or not intelligent design exists. REALITY dictates that the only way to determine the how, in the absence of direct observation or designer input, is by studying the design and all relevant evidence.

Science 101, THAT'S why. DumbASS.


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