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Friday, March 15, 2019

Two of the Positive Evidences for Intelligent Design

Positive Evidence for Intelligent Design (for a start):

1- Biological codes and the systems required to carry them out in a biologically relevant manner

2- The ribosome is a genetic compiler which not only translates the source code (mRNA) into an object code (proteins), but it also detects errors and stops the translation process

The first comes from the fact that in all of our experience only intelligent agencies produce codes. Yes, I accept that for the most part that the sample size is just humans. But that sample includes many, many examples. And, of course, on the flip side, no one has ever observed nature producing a code. Not one. Not once. And guess what? Nature doesn't care.

Anyone who thinks that nature, without even wanting to or trying, produced the biological codes and the systems required to carry them out in a biologically relevant manner, needs to step up and show us how to test the claim. Then they need to test it and publish their results.

The second comes from observations and science. For example The Ribosome: Perfectionist Protein-maker Trashes Errors . The translation part has been widely known for decades.

The positive evidence for blind watchmaker evolution:

1- Genetic diseases

2- Deformities


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