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Friday, March 15, 2019

Jerry Coyne is Willfully Ignorant and Desperate

Too funny- after Dr. behe destroyed Jerry' ignorant review of his book, Jerry, unfazed, posts more desperate bullshit- The evolution of “irreducibly complex” antifreeze proteins in a polar fish 

Total bullshit, Jerry. Intelligent Design claims that organisms were designed with the ability to evolve and adapt. And this scenario is a perfect example of Dr. Spetner's "built-in responses to environmental cues"

Jerry doesn't even have a mechanism capable of producing fish. Given starting populations of prokaryotes, jerry is stuck there.
He [the Designer] indeed seems to have “carefully crafted” information in His species giving them the ability to respond to environmental stimuli to alter their own genome to adapt to new environments. He then evidently let them wander where they will with the ability to adapt.- Dr. Lee Spetner “the Evolution Revolution” p 108 
The antifreeze gene is an excellent example of that.

No need for intervention, Jerry. No one intervenes with genetic algorithms.

Jerry Coyne is willfully ignorant and desperate.


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