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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Peaceful Science Promotes LIES

Peaceful science may have started off with good intentions, well at least I used to think so. But it has devolved into just another bunch of ignorant assholes bashing ID- for the most part. There are 3, maybe 4, posters there who are not evoTARD assholes.

One lie that peaceful science promotes is that ID is religious. And even though they have been called on it an have totally failed to make their case, they continue to spew that same lie. How cowardly is that? To get called on your lies and try to support them with the same lies is as low as you can get. And yet that behavior is cononed on peaceful science.

Another lie they promote is that ID is not science. And yet when compared to blind watchmaker evolution ID has all of the science and evidence. Their position has nothing but ID bashing cowards.

And now Joshua Swamidass has a review on Dr. Behe's new book an all it does it attack a straw man! Swamidass lacks integrity. He lacks honesty and he definitely cannot think for himself.

The people who run peaceful science should be ashamed of themselves but they are so unaware of reality they don't have a clue.


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