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Friday, August 17, 2018

Neil Rickert- Clueless Ass

Neil should just stop posting and get an education. Over on TSZ Neil spews more nonsense:
The TE sees God as the creator of all, and thus as the creator of nature. The TE expects God to do his work through nature.
The ID proponent see nature as inherently evil, and sees God as opposed to nature.
That was in response to another moron who asked:
I’ve never understood the animosity that the ID community has for theistic evolution.
That is an easy question to answer. TE's say that we cannot determine telic from non-telic processes operating in biology or with anything that is not man-made. They also disagree that blind watchmaker evolution is what the alleged theory of evolution promotes. In other words it is the TE's who have animosity towards ID.

Back to Neil's ignorance- The ID proponent does NOT see nature as inherently evil and definitely doesn't see God as opposed to nature. Neil just makes shit up because reality is too difficult for him. It is very telling that Neil never supported what he spewed. For one ID is not about God and the religious people who are IDists do not see God as opposed to Nature. According to ID nature was intelligently designed.


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