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Friday, July 20, 2018

Easily Refuting keiths- Again

keiths is a willfully ignorant troll who thinks he has a lock on science. Unfortunately he always demonstrates he doesn't know what science is. Recently keiths referenced his easily refuted tripe on unguided evolution being the best explanation for the diversity of life. Unfortunately for keiths there isn't a mechanism from unguided evolution that can produce eukaryotes. Heck keiths' position has to be given starting populations of prokaryotes. And even given that he cannot get any further than more populations of prokaryotes. So he just ignores all of that and prattles on like a spoiled child before Christmas.

So there it is. Unguided evolution can't even get beyond populations of prokaryotes and it has to be given those. So clearly it cannot explain the diversity of life. keiths is easily refuted.


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