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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Neil Rickert- Just Say Anything

Neil Rickert has some mental issue with the fact that humans are machines and we are made up of machines. The definition of machine being used is:

(1) an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion, and energy one to another in a [predetermined] manner
ATP synthase is one example provided.  He sez that cuz a dead person has the same assemblage of parts but no longer functions, live, functioning humans are not machines nor composed of machines. 

In other words a machine that doesn't do anything but take up space is not a machine. You rock, Neil.

Neil just ignores entire fields like biomechanics and kinesiology, both which treat organisms ass machines and composed of machines.

Then Neil sez the definitions aren't precise enough anyway. And he ends with a classic hand-wave:
If you want to see a living system as a machine, that’s your choice. For me, it just doesn’t match what I expect of a machine.
Devastating. "It just doesn't match what I expect of a machine"- powered by electricity- check; multiple moving parts to create work- check; requires refueling- check 

The Christians are upset cuz machines just can't have souls

Read it for yourselves

Edited to add- Now Neil the ignorant cry-baby has run back to Joshua Swamidass crying like a little baby cuz I bitch slapped his ignorant ass. Neil the moron sez that cars are not machines! How can anyone take this asshole seriously? No one cares if you won't respond to me Neil. You clearly don't have anything to say about the subject.

Of course I am going to make fun of you Neil. This is not an attack. You have earned every bit of this you ignorant ass.


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