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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Oh Noes! Banned From the Peaceful Shit Science Forum

OK now it is official- I was banned from Joshua Swamidass's forum Shit Science. Why was I banned? For telling it like it is on my on blog. You see it's OK for those alleged Christians to attack people but when those people push back, well, that's a no-no. Hypocrites run Shit Science.

Support your claims with expert writings and you get accused for twisting what they say even though you quoted them verbatim.

Of course I won't be returning to your bullshit forum, Josh. I just wanted to see if theistic evos are still as dull as they were when I visited biologos- and you are. So there isn't anything else for me there anyway. I can get attacked on evoTARD forums- people I expect that from.

You and yours need to stop calling yourselves Christians, though. You may be able to convince yourselves but you ain't fooling me.

Joshy writes:

If you are temporarily suspended, chill out and do nothing. Do not make your grievances known by finding some other website keep the aggression going.

Fuck you, asshole. Nobody gives a shit about your forum. All you want is a place where everyone agrees. You aren't going to learn anything that way. You might as well just start a circle-jerk forum like after the bar closes where everyone just gossips like little old ignorant ladies.

The stroke-fest has begun Georgie Brooks checks in with
And that’s the way it should be @swamidass!
Well yeah, I was wasting my paltry allotment of daily posts correcting your ignorance, lies and misrepresentations- Josh too. There wasn't any moving forward with anything. 


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