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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Why Natural Selection Is Irrelevant- Correcting OMagain, Again

Natural selection is irrelevant for several reasons. The main reason NS is irrelevant is because it doesn't do anything. Having more offspring is NOT a designer mimic and that is all NS establishes. The point being Darwin set up NS to be a designer mimic and NS have failed miserably in that capacity.

Another reason NS is irrelevant is because >99% of the variation in any population is from drift:


Oooops, so sorry evotards hnatural selection is impotent:

The explanation that best fits the data tells us that >99% of all evolutionary change is due to random genetic drift and not natural selection.  Laryy Moran

Very few evotards understand evolution well enough to appreciate that.

So natural selection doesn't do anything and it is but a very minor player wrt how genetic accidents accumulate.

So no, OMagain asshole, NS is not irrelevant because chance can wipe out even the most fit in any population. And I never said any such thing. What I did say was because of that fact NS isn't a sure thing.


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