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Friday, January 03, 2014

Richard T Hughes and Alan Fox- Proudly Ignorant of Evolutionism

Richie cluelessly spewed:

I suppose one could argue the random mutation is perpetually creating new information and the environment is selecting the best of it- (Alan Fox agrees with Richie)
Well not according to Mayr in "What Evolution Is". But then again it appears that these evoTARDs know more about evolution than one of the architects of the modern synthesis. LoL!

Mayr specifically states that the environment does not select the best of anything. Heck the environment doesn't even select.

And no KeithS- stochastic processes producing Shannon information doesn't make IDists nervous. Heck we talk about just that all of the time. The reason Shannon information doesn't bother us is it has nothing to do with meaning/ function.


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