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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kevin McCarthy- Still Ignorant about Information AND Intelligent Design

Kevin, just give up, you are a moron, period, end of story.

Kevin sez:

Information, in the technical sense of being calculable, is not meaning.
AGAIN, DUMBASS, WE DO NOT CALCULATE THE MEANING. You are just an ignorant asshole.

The FUNCTION of a protein is an OBSERVATION. You know, the very thing that science relies on- making observations and then explaining what you observed/ are observing.

Biological information is all about function. And IDists have made this abundantly clear. And yes, we can and have calculated the information in functional sequences.

So AGAIN- Function/ meaning is an OBSERVATION. We can then use Shannon's methodology to see how much information is present.

As I said and have been saying (C)SI is Shannon Information with meaning/ function.

Dipshit McCarthy is too much of a willfully ignorant punk to understand that fact.


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