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Monday, March 18, 2013

Things that EvoTARDs Do NOT Understand- ID is NOT a Negative Argument for Design

KeithS is a clueless tard. Back on Dec 7, 2012 keiths sed:

Intelligent design proponents make a negative argument for design.
No, we don't. Every design inference needs to eliminate necessity and chance first. That is how it goes in archaeology, forensic science and SETI. The four rules of scientific investigation mandate tat approach. IOW keiths is ignorant of science.

keiths goes on to spew:

According to them, the complexity and diversity of life cannot be accounted for by unguided evolution (henceforth referred to simply as ‘evolution’) or any other mindless natural process.  
Wrong again- according to the EVIDENCE unguided evolution doesn't do anything but break and deteriorate. Don't blame us.

And more spewage:

 If it can’t be accounted for by evolution, they say, then we must invoke design.
Strike three, you are out! We say that if blind and undirected processes cannot account for it AND it meets our criteria, we infer design. And guess what? that is exactly how it works in archaeology, forensic science and SETI. As I said keiths is just ignorant of science.

So keiths strikes out and has a tantrum:

(Design, after all, can explain anything. That makes it easy to invoke, but hard to invoke persuasively.)
I don't know of any IDists, nor any legit scientist, who says that. Heck IDists say the opposite.

keiths goes on to spew more lies and bullshit but he never posts any evidence that demonstrates unguided evolution can actually do what he claims.

Ignorance and cowardice seem to be evoTARD traits that they are proud of. Strange...


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