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Friday, March 22, 2013

Richie "I said cupcake first" Hughes

OK so we are getting to the point. Richie is upset because he said, rather thinks he said, cupcake to me before I ever heard of the word being used for a nickname- or some such nonsense. Hard to tell with a pathetic shit-eater like Richie. Whatever his point, it is clear he is nothing but a five-year-old brat- "I said it FIRST! wah wah wah"

What bothers Richie, though, is that when I call him a cupcake it actually works.

Not only that his original complaint against me was that I was not original and copied him. Yet, as I have said, it is clear that Richie copied someone else.

Poor pathetic Richie The cupcake Hughes- clueless until the end.

I guess I went and altered the follow page also:

Richie's Cupcake

Insults are always best when you take someting a moron thought was his and use it very effectively against him.


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