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Friday, March 22, 2013

Kevin McCarthy- Confused about Information

Earlier I posted about Kevin McCarthy saying that information is not meaning. Today I am posting because Kevin is now using the word information to equal meaning.

In his most recent blog entry standardized testing, Kevin sez:

2. Provide information as to the students areas of strength and weakness.
How are you defining information in that sentence, Kevin? Does it have meaning? If yes, why?

He goes on to say:

 We can make tests that are really good and provide a lot of really useful information. But if that information is ignored or a careful, deep analysis is too expensive, then we can’t do much with it.
Two more uses of the word "information" and it seems he is using it to equal meaning.

But wait, in Information and Intelligent Design , Kevin makes it clear that to him and scientists information does not equal meaning.

This asshole can't keep his story straight.


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