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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Petruska Sez Let's Turn Liddle's Blog into a Gossip Column!

Yup you know you have lost when all you can do is gossip about your opponents as opposed to supporting your position. Well that is exactly what the evoTARDs are doing.

They have the gossip forum AtBC. They have the gossip forum at the Sucking Faggot Curmudgeon. And now petruska wants to turn the septic zone into a gossip column.

Nothing says evos are cowardly little faggot liars more than these types of forums and here is petrushka pushing for one more.

Well that is par for the course- they cannot discuss science as they are totally ignorant of the concept. They cannot discuss the positive evidence for their position because they don't have any. So all they have left is to gossip like little old ladies.

Life is good...


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