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Monday, November 28, 2011

David Coppedge vs JPL/ Cal Tech

I have been seeing quite a bit of David Coppedge vs JPL/ Cal Tech. It all seemed too surreal to be real. Then I read the complaint.

Holy shit! Things like that is why there are altercations at work. Coppedge must be really mild-mannered. I am pretty sure I would have gave it to Chin on the chin and let the dice play out.

Now, unfortunately for JPL & Cal Tech, the alleged accusers are going to have to come forward and face the accused. And even more unfortunately other JPL employees, those who were not harassed, not felt harassed and even welcomed the academic freedom will be next in line for termination.

Key evidence in the case will be the two videos-> "The Privileged Planet" and "Unlocking the Mystery of Life", and not even an atheist on an agenda can say those are religious videos. (a twisted atheist with its head up its ass could possibly make the connection, then again the United States Supreme Court has ruled that atheism is a religion, oops)

So the judge and jury will watch the videos and hear testimony- but who will testify? Is the JPL to bully people into lying for them?

Pathetic evotard bullying at its finest. I hope the JPL loses so much money they are forced to shut down and the perpetrators of this shit are brought up on charges.

Case number- BC435600 jury trial starts on December 14...


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