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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy Still Lying

Yup, Kevin has a new post that starts off with a big LIE:

Many… many times I have presented a paper that effectively crushes the claims of creationists and Intelligent Design proponents.

Wow- seeing that no such papers exist what the heck is McCarthy talking about?

Oh, that's right he probably really thinks he did something like that. Unfortunately he will never produce those papers on this blog nor any other forum in which his opponents can respond.

Kevin goes on to say:
A very common example in the creationist world (and the one that inspired this post (Thanks Southstar and Cubist)) is that of Michael Behe making the claim that two more mutations cannot happen because it is so improbable.

Except that isn't what he says. He said that two new protein-to-protein binding sites is the edge. However evos have said something about two mutations:

Waiting for Two Mutations- it seems if the second mutation needs to be specified, that is needs to be in some specific locus, then it is doubtful that blind, undircted chemical processes can do it (not impossible because evos have the magical "time" element). However that requires that the first mutation stay and no other detrimental mutations pop up while waiting for the second mutation.

So here we have Kevin lying again and he really thinks his lies are refutations.

EvoTards are so pathetic.


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