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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Front-Loaded Evolution and "junk DNA"

Yeah, yeah, enough with "junk DNA" already. Relax this is a different angle.

In Genetic/ Evolutionary Algorithms and My Front-Loaded Evolution, I said:
So with my idea of front-loaded evolution we would have the initial conditions, the required resources, the specified result (ie what you are trying to accomplish) and then the algorithms to make it all happen. (bold added)

As with Richard's Dawkins "weasel" program, which took scrambled letters and having the whole alphabet as its resource, was able to create a pre-specified target sentence, front-loaded evolution would be able to take truly non-functioning DNA sequences and splice them together to meet some pre-specified function.

That is why front-loaded evolution does NOT need to have all the alleles present as evotards so wrongly claim. All front-loaded evolution requires is that the future design be obtainable through the present design.

In this case the alleged "junk" is just stock to select from, ie "the required resources".


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