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Thursday, November 17, 2016

More EvoTARD Ignorance

Over on Dr Hunter's blog "Darwin's God" there is this lowlife moron who goes by Ghostrider who actually said there is a theory of evolution cuz "theory of evolution" gives you 11 million hits on google. Read it for yourself

The problem started when I said there isn't any such theory, backed it up with two biologists saying the same and then ghostrider failing to find it. You would think with 11 million hits the actual theory of evolution would be in there somewhere, but it isn't. And it isn't in there because it doesn't exist. But that won't stop people from talking about it as if it does exist. Then again people also talk of Santa Claus- 51 million hits. By ghostrider's "logic" Santa Claus is more than 4x likely to exist than the theory of evolution.

Evolutionists are such a bunch of lowlife losers who love to entertain the rest of us.