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Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Challenge Evolutionism in US Courts

First step in challenging evolutionism in US Courts would be to challenge any and all teachers of evolutionism to show you how to test the claims it makes. Start with the letter 'A' and ATP synthase. Ask the teachers how to test the claim that natural selection, drift or any other stochastic process produced it. Then move down the alphabet with every other complex protein system, subsystem, organ or organism. Then once you find they don't have any idea how to do so you have proven evolutionism is not science as its claims cannot be tested and you attempt to have it thrown out of the science curriculum. That is when the US Courts may have to get involved unless the schools relent and realize they have a problem.

Challenge all teachers to show you how evolutionism is science and you will see that they cannot. And all teachers with any integrity should then stand with you in getting it out of the science classrooms. If they don't then take it to the Courts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hands from Fins? More EvoTARD Nonsense

Neil Shubin is at it again with more of his nonsensical "your inner fish" diatribe. Shubin says that cuz gars and mice have very similar HOX genes that means mice and those fish share a common ancestor. Too bad t6hat Shubin cannot tell us how those HOX genes evolved in the first place and also too bad he completely neglects the most probable cause of HOX similarity- a Common Design.

Hands and Fins Share Common Genetic Origin - yes they do except it isn't* the type that evoTARDs think.

Years ago scientists also discovered that flies and mice have similar HOX genes for eye development- PAX6. And evos have said that flies share a common ancestor with brine shrimp, not fresh water fish. Not that evos would ever admit that was a problem.

But anyway perhaps the evos will try to actually test this latest grand claim by manipulating the gar genome to find out if hands will develop. I doubt it as they never actually try to test their claims.

*HT Jerad