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Friday, May 22, 2015

The New EvoTARD War Cry

Yes, it is desperation time for evoTARDs as they roll out a new war cry- "Living organisms do not look designed!" One moron even sed that the fact living organisms reproduce distinguishes it from other designs. What a dumbass as reproduction is the very thing evoTARDs can't explain!

What a bunch of desperate cowards. Too bad for them they don't have a viable alternative than Intelligent Design to explain living organisms and their systems and subsystems. So of course they need to try Jedi mind tricks.

Strange that Darwin, the only person to attempt a theory of evolution, devised natural selection as a process to produce design without a designer. There are articles about it too- see "Darwin’s greatest discovery: Design without designer" by Francisco J. Ayala.

The desperation is obvious and pathetic. But it is all they have.


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