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Monday, August 11, 2014

Richie Hughes, Too Much of a Coward to Correct Andy Schuler

Well Richie is waving his pom-poms for Andy, because Richie thinks Andy has refuted me, however Andy is claiming that the transitional forms must be gone otherwise he agrees that the nested hierarchy would be ruined. The point? On all the discussions of Tiktaalik, Richie loves the mantra of "your grandfather can live when you are born", meaning transitional forms can live long after they have been replaced by a more evolved form and Andy is saying that evolution somehow predicted a nested hierarchy because we observe one with Linnean taxonomy, which excludes all alleged transitionals.

So does Richie jump in and correct Andy? Of course not. Heck most likely Richie doesn't even understand what Andy is saying and it is a given he doesn't grasp the concept of nested hierarchies.


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