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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Ignorance from The Skeptical Zone- OMagain Chokes, Again

OMagain is one of the most ignorant people ever.

`$=`;$_=\%!;($_)=/(.)/;$==++$|;($.,$/,$,,$\,$”,$;,$^,$#,$~,$*,$:,@%)=( $!=~/(.)(.).(.)(.)(.)(.)..(.)(.)(.)..(.)……(.)/,$”),$=++;$.++;$.++; $_++;$_++;($_,$\,$,)=($~.$”.”$;$/$%[$?]$_$\$,$:$%[$?]“,$”&$~,$#,);$,++ ;$,++;$^|=$”;`$_$\$,$/$:$;$~$*$%[$?]$.$~$*${#}$%[$?]$;$\$”$^$~$*.>&$=`
OMagain wants to know if that was designed by an intelligent agency. LoL! That makes me wonder how many times OMagain has observed nature,operating freely, producing those symbols.

The anti-IDists are so clueless it is pathetic.

socle chimes in with more ignorance:

Another idea: Start with a 100+ character ‘message’. Encrypt it using the One-time pad scheme with a random key of the same length as the original message.
How will StephenB determine, without access to the pad, whether the original ‘message’ was intelligently designed or just random characters?

Again, morons, intelligent agency involvement is what we are determining. Have you ever observed nature, operating freely, producing any sequence of characters that would be used in an encrypted message?

OMagain posts:
On this very site I provided two strings of equal length that appeared, superficially, very similar. One was designed (by evolution) to be incompressible, the other was simply random.
Not one single PERSON at UD determined which was which, or even that there was any significant difference between them.

No doubt no one even saw it. Also no doubt it was a total strawman- hint ID is not anti-evolution. IF OM again ever posts that alleged challenge and I see it, I will point out the bullshit- yes I know it is bullshit without seeing it because I know how OMagain's M.O.

OMagain whines:

But, of course, it’s context is a web-page, therefore it’s designed. So FSCO/I adds nothing.

Not in this case. Don't blame us because you are unable to provide a proper example.

ID claims that we can determine what nature, operating freely can produce from what requires an intelligent agency to produce. If an intelligent agency creates a machine that generates characters from random noise then those characters are traced back to the intelligent agency that produced the machine. Duh.


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