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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

petrushka- the most cluelss evotard

Some asshole who goes by petrushka just loves its willful ignorance. It is another who doesn't understand ID, doesn't understand what evolutionism entails and thinks its ignorance means something.

For example petrushka sed:

I think you have to realize how discomforting this is to IDists who deny that evolution can produce complex structures unless the selector contains the desired result, ala weasel. Avida is cool, but doesn’t do anything commercially useful.
If Eureka actually invents valuable equations that are not obvious and not previously known,it is a major threat to Behe and Dembsky.

What an idiot. IDists do not deny that "evolution" can produce complex structures. We say that blind and undirected chemical processes cannot produce irreducibly complex structures. And there isn't any evidence that they can. Also Eureqa, as with all evolutionary algorithms, uses a goal-oriented targeted search to solve the problem at hand. Taht is Intelligent Design Evolution, not blind watchmaker evolution. And that means Behe and Dembski are OK with it.

Also given realistic parameters AVIDA doesn't do anything of note and it actually refutes your claims. Go figure.


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