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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Invitation for Kevin ReTARD McCarthy to Buy a Vowel

Kevin's latest spewage is titled Evidence For Creation and Intelligent Design.

Unfortunately for Kevin he doesn't know what evidence is. Not only that he doesn't even understand what evolutionism posits.

Kevin is a clueless asshole who couldn't provide evidence for evolutionism if his life depended on it. He also couldn't understand the evidence for Intelligent Design if his life depended on it.

And to top it all off I am the only IDist who reads his spewage. And that means I could answer him buty he won't allow me to post on his blog because he cannot stand to have his ignorance exposed.

Kevin R. McCarthy, proud to be a cowardly piece-of-shit.


Kevin is so stupid that he conflates nucleotides with amino acids.

Kevin was asked:

 what is the chance to get functional sequence in 100 amino acid long protein?

To which he cowardly responded:

Define "functional sequence". In many ribozymes, the metabolically active area can be only 3 nucleotides long. Further, the number of possible 3 nucleotide active sites is not yet determine, but is probably many more than just 1. So, the odds of getting an active area in a 100 amino acid chain are nearly 100%.  

What a fucking clueless retard Kevin is. He doesn't know what a functional protein is- ignorance of biology. Then like the lowlife coward he is he switches in nucleotides. And then he thinks this is the same as amino acids!

Earth to dumbass Kevin McCarthy- proteins need to find a functional 3 dimensional shape that allows them to do something, ie have a function. And not just any amino acid sequence forms such a protein.


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