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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eureqa Programmers Respond

Seeing that evoTARDs are relentless in their dishonesty by claiming everything that changes, especially when replication is involved, is evidence for darwinian evolution.

To wit- both RichTARD Hughes and Lizzie the loser Liddle have been claiming that Eureka uses darwinian mechanisms. Lizze sed:

Eureqa most certainly works using Darwinian mechanism. It’s precisely how it works.

So I took some time and wrote to the website that hosts Eureka and asked if that was so:

Good day,

On the ineternet people have been discussing Eureka. Unfortunately some over zealous activists of evolutionism are saying that Eureka models darwinian evolution. My question to you is does it? Does Eureka use an eliminative process to get its results? Does Eureka use undirected changes to achieve its results?

To me Eureka doesn't have anything to do with darwinian evolution. Could you help?


Joe G

Jere is the response:

Hi Joe,

Eureqa leverages a number of techniques related to randomized stochastic search. It has the explicit intent to maximize agreement with data and parsimony of results.

Rather than comparing Eureqa to evolution, a closer analogy would be to the scientific process, where scientists compete to build the most accurate and elegant theory based on observations.

Thanks, J

However I am sure that will not stop the evoTARDs from continuing to claim it as evidence for darwinian evolution. They are just so pathetic.

ETA- No Eureqa does not use undirected processes. It is all directed towards the solution, ie the final equation. And Eureqa does not use reproduction. It mutates the surviving equations.

So how is Eureqa like darwinian evolution? Sure equations get eliminated- more like equations get selected, which is not part of darwinian evolution. As Mayr said in "What Evolution Is", natural selection does not select.


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