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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reproducing Equations? EvoTARDS have no shame

Eureqa again- no it doesn't use darwinian evolution. It uses actual selection. No the equations do not reproduce. How could they? They either survive or get eliminated. The surviving equations get changed (unless they solved the problem, ie are the right equation by fitting to all of the data). Some changes are bigger than others. For example sometimes equations are combined- taking half of one and combining that with half of another equation. Still that is not reproduction. Equations do not reprooduce. That is just a fact of life. (Coin toss results don't reproduce either)

Once changed they are actively compared to see if any of the new equations fit the data. Then another round of actual selection, followed by more constrained changes.

The equations in no way resemble a living organism. By using an actual selection process, as opposed to merely eliminating, it does not mimic darwinian evolution.

Yes Eureqa is an evolutionary algorithm. No it does not mimic darwinian, ie blind watchmaker evolution.

EvoTARDS are so pathetic as they think that everything dealing with "evolution" supports their position.

Goal-oriented targeted search is NOT a Darwinian mechanism. Richie Hughes and Lizzie Liddle are just ignorant. If ignorance were an even in the winter olympics Richie and Lizzie would get gold medals in evoTARDgasms


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