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Monday, April 01, 2013

"Here are Some Numbers, are They Designed?"

Maybe it's an April Fool's joke. Unfortunately it started before today.

Oh well, the stupidity runs deep with evoTARDs. OM now wants IDists to prove ourselves by determining whether or not a string of numbers is designed.

The moron doesn't seem to understand that archaeology, forensic science, SETI and even evolutionism all depend on our ability to determine design from nature, operating freely.

But that is besides the point. OM obvioulsy doesn't understand science. If someone came up to a scientist with a list of numbers and asked that question, the scientist would ask where the numbers came from.

If the only answer is "They were found on this paper and the paper was in the printer's output tray." Then it is obvious someone did it. Most likely a human. Duh.

What was OM expecting?


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