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Friday, January 18, 2013

The New Strawman- If the Universe is Designed Then EVERYTHING is Designed

The shit these anti-intellectual evoTARDs pull from their ass and munch on like candy, is astounding.

Now we have:

 "If the universe is designed then everything is designed and the design inference is useless!!!1111!!!11!!"
And yet Dr. Behe himself wrote:

“Intelligent design is a good explanation for a number of biochemical systems, but I should insert a word of caution. Intelligent design theory has to be seen in context: it does not try to explain everything. We live in a complex world where lots of different things can happen. When deciding how various rocks came to be shaped the way they are a geologist might consider a whole range of factors: rain, wind, the movement of glaciers, the activity of moss and lichens, volcanic action, nuclear explosions, asteroid impact, or the hand of a sculptor.
The shape of one rock might have been determined primarily by one mechanism, the shape of another rock by another mechanism.
Similarly, evolutionary biologists have recognized that a number of factors might have affected the development of life: common descent, natural selection, migration, population size, founder effects (effects that may be due to the limited number of organisms that begin a new species), genetic drift (spread of "neutral," nonselective mutations), gene flow (the incorporation of genes into a population from a separate population), linkage (occurrence of two genes on the same chromosome), and much more. The fact that some biochemical systems were designed by an intelligent agent does not mean that any of the other factors are not operative, common, or important.”
Cars are designed. That doesn't mean there aren't any automobile accidents.

We can still determine what nature, operating freely, can and cannot produce and what requires agency involvement. And obvioulsy it matters because we have entire fields dedictaed to telling the difference. Even Richard Dawkins admits it makes all the difference in the world.

But anyway, the desperation of these morons comes through loud and clear with these uncreative, childish strawmen.

Thank you. Please keep up the good work.


  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Mike said…


    I suppose you applaud the idea of irreducible complexity. (roll the eyes).

    Perhaps Emergence of Life on Earth - Iris Fry
    or why Evolution works and (creationism fails) - matt young

    What are your thoughts on this average level thinking:

  • At 6:15 PM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Hi Mike,

    Irreducible complexity still rules, so yes I applaud it.

    As for Matt Young, well I still don't know if he knows what ID is- it sure as heck is NOT anti-evolution (just anti-the blind watchmaker).

    And your link has this to offer:

    "If big bang cosmology is true, the universe began to exist about 15 billion years ago with the big bang. "- That is incorrect- there wasn't any bang and it wasn't big. The term "big bang" was a derogatory one.

    As for cause, well I know we exist and there is only one reality behind that existence. And it is doubtful that we just emerged from the chaos, so what is left? I am OK without there being a Supreme Supernatural Being.


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