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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coppedge vs JPL- My Notes

OK Coppedge vs JPL has been going on for weeks- and I have no idea what is really going on. Sure there are hints, little blurbs and summaries, but that is about it.

My thoughts on this have always hinged on what Coppedge's job performance was. Was he good at what he did, was he one of the best, just adequate, above average, hard worker- because if his performance was better than most, at his position, then he would have a case against JPL pertaining to be laid-off being linked to his religious, political and scientific PoV. Especially if he was better than those they retained.

That said, last week there was something about an employee performance evaluation that had Coppedge ranked below average, but I have no idea about the metric used nor who used it to make the evaluation. Then again JPL said it didn't use that to determine who got laid-off and who was retained.

So that is another question- How did they decide who to let go? I have always assumed it was based on performance, however I know reality says the ass-kissers get to stay and the alleged boat-rockers get the heave-ho.

Any thoughts?


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