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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Richard Tard Hughes, Too Much of a Coward to Support His Claims

Yes once again RichTARD Hughes proves he is a coward- this time by lying about Neil Shubin.

Shubin said:
Let's return to our problem of how to find relatives of the first fish to walk on land. In our grouping scheme, these creatures are somewhere between the "Everythings" and the "Everythings with limbs". Map this to what we know of the rocks, and there is strong geological evidence that the period from 380 million to 365 million years ago is the critical time. The younger rocks in that range, those about 360 million years old, include diverse kinds of fossilized animals that we would recognize as amphibians or reptiles. My colleague Jenny Clark at Cambridge University and others have uncovered amphibians from rocks in Greenland that are about 365 million years old. With their necks, their ears, and their four legs, they do not look like fish. But in rocks that are about 385 million years old, we find whole fish that look like, well, fish. They have fins. conical heads, and scales; and they have no necks. Given this, it is probably no great surprise that we should focus on rocks about 375 million years old to find evidence of the transition between fish and land-living animals.- Neil Subin pages 9-10

And that can only mean that the data points represent the time when there were fish, and no tetrapods-> 385 mya and a time when there were fish and tetrapods-> 365 mya.

RichTARD Hughes chimed in and said I was wrong and instead of producing any evidence that I am wrong he just kept referencing his own TARD saying I am wrong.

So when I called him on it little Ms Liddle closed the thread to save him from embarrassment.

What about RichTARD you pathetic little coward- dare to try to support your claims?

My prediction is you won't....


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