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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biological Information in 3 Dimensions

Up to now biological information has always been related to the DNA sequence (sequence related). IOW the information depended on the sequence.

I do not believe this is a tenable position. I say that because in biology we observe that DNA just doesn't replicate itself, it does so with the help of other molecules in the cell. Those molecules are constructed by the information stored in the DNA. That's right- stored in- as in the data that is stored in a computer's hard drive, ROM and RAM.

And this is my point- that DNA, RNA and other cellular components are actually data carriers just like the computer components I just mentioned.

IOW the sequence is not the information. The sequence is important to carry out the instructions, that is the information embedded in the DNA (and perhaps other cellular components).

As I said in an earlier entry- Just for a eukaryotic cell to make an amino acid (polypeptide) chain-

Transcription and Translation:

You start with a tightly wound piece of DNA. Enzymes called RNA polymerases, along with transcrition factors, begin the process by unwinding a portion of DNA near the start of a gene, which is specified by sequences called promoters. Now there are two strands exposed. One strand is the coding strand- it has the correct sequence information for the product- and the other strand is the non-coding strand. That strand contains the complimentary layout.

At this point decisions have to be made. Where to start, where to stop and although it may seem counterintuitive the mRNA goes to the non-coding strand in order to reconstruct the proper codon sequence (nucleotide triplets which code for an amino acid) for the protein to be formed. Both sides of the parent DNA are exposed yet the mRNA "knows" to only form on one.

This process is unidirectional (5’-3’). There is only one start codon which also codes for an amino acid (met) and therefore all amino acid sequences start with methionine. The stop codons don’t code for an amino acid. Transcription actually starts before the “start” codon and continues past the stop codon. Before the mRNA leaves the nucleus any/ all introns are cut out and the remaining exons spliced together. A chemical cap is added to the 5’ end, the non-coding stuff at the end is cut off by a special enzyme (endonuclease) and a string of A’s is added in its place. You now have a processed mRNA.

So now we have this piece of processed mRNA which leaves the nucleus and has to rendezvous with a ribosome-the protein factory within the cell.

A ribosome consists of over 50 proteins and 3-4 different kinds of rRNA (ribosomal), plus free-floating tRNA (transfer). Each tRNA has a 3 nucleotide sequence- the anti-codon to the mRNA’s codon plus it carries the appropriate amino acid molecule for its anti-codon. To attach the appropriate amino acid to the correct anti-codon an enzyme called amino-acid synthetase is used.

There, large workbenches made of both protein and nucleic acid grab the mRNA so the correct amino acids can be brought up to the mRNA. Each amino acid is escorted by a module called tRNA or transfer RNA. It is important to note that the escort molecules have three bases prominently exposed on their backsides and that these molecules also use the base U instead of T. The kind of amino acid is determined precisely by the tRNA escort’s anticodon, or triplet set of bases on the escort’s backside.-pg 23

And then the chain starts forming until the stop codon terminates the process.

Next is the folding process. That is what allows the protein to be useful- its spatial configuration.

That is just the basics of what one is introduced to when reading biology textbooks. And it doesn't include the proof-reading and error correction that accompanies the process.

So this is how I envision DNA- both sides of the ladder carry redundant information. One side does the work, that is transfers programming data to other molecules it contacts (mRNA for example) and the other side is a template for DNA replication.

Once DNA replication is complete the program is transferred to the newly constructed side via the hydrogen bonds that connect the two sides.

When other molecules are made- mRNA for example- they are given their instructions via the same hydrogen bonds. That information consists of editing instructions, as well as configuraion/ assembly instructions and destination instructions.

These instructions are not the sequence, rather they are embedded on the sequence, just as computer data is embedded on the disk.

Monday, October 20, 2008

(the) Interstate Canal System

A couple of months ago (August 2008 issue) Scientific American had a feature article about running low on fresh water. The following is my solution to the issue:

For thousands of years humans have been able to take water from one place and bring it to another. This was accomplished with tunnels, canals and aquaducts.

That said, my proposal is to connect existing water systems- rivers, streams, lakes, etc. using technology we already have. To accomplish this we can dig canals, install tunnels, pipelines and aquaducts.

This way when one section of the USA is dry/ in a drought stage, the sections of the USA that have rain can share that bounty with those who are less fortunate.

Another advantage of my system is that it could, if applied properly, alleviate flooding.

It will also put many Americans back to work. The only issue is where is the money going to come from?

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Dawkins' Delusion

The Dawkins Delusion

Richard Dawkins- Science by decree and a strawman or two thrown in:

I wanted to give ID its best shot, however poor that best shot might be. I must have been feeling magnanimous that day, because I was aware that the leading advocates of Intelligent Design are very fond of protesting that they are not talking about God as the designer, but about some unnamed and unspecified intelligence, which might even be an alien from another planet. Indeed, this is the only way they differentiate themselves from fundamentalist creationists, and they do it only when they need to, in order to weasel their way around church/state separation laws.- Dawkins

Earth to Dick- Science can be neither legislated nor adjudicated. And if applied equally your atheistic position would also be out as it too violates church/ State laws.

Also ID doesn’t care who or what the designer is. If it is "God" then your point is moot as science only cares about reality.

BTW Creation doesn’t allow for universal common descent. ID doesn’t say.

So, bending over backwards to accommodate the IDiots ("oh NOOOOO, of course we aren't talking about God, this is SCIENCE") and bending over backwards to make the best case I could for intelligent design, I constructed a science fiction scenario.

Which is what you are good at- constructing science fiction scenarios and passing them off as science. As if your position of happy accidents can muster experimental scrutiny. THAT is what you should be working on as opposed to making unsubstantiated decrees.

The conclusion I was heading towards was that, even in the highly unlikely event that some such 'Directed Panspermia' was responsible for designing life on this planet, the alien beings would THEMSELVES have to have evolved, if not by Darwinian selection, by some equivalent 'crane' (to quote Dan Dennett).

And why is that? How can we tellone way or another if we cannot study those aliens? Oh yeah, science by decree.

My point here was that design can never be an ULTIMATE explanation for organized complexity.

Because why? And BTW science doesn't do "ultimate explanations".

Even if life on Earth was seeded by intelligent designers on another planet, and even if the alien life form was itself seeded four billion years earlier, the regress must ultimately be terminated (and we have only some 13 billion years to play with because of the finite age of the universe). Organized complexity cannot just spontaneously happen. That, for goodness sake, is the creationists' whole point, when they bang on about eyes and bacterial flagella!

Strawman alert! No Creationist organization holds the position that organized complexity just spontaneously happens. The automobile didn’t spontaneously happen. Neither did your home PC.

In the Creation model "God" supplies the organized complexity. Duh.

Evolution by natural selection is the only known process whereby organized complexity can ultimately come into being.

But pre-biotic natural selection is a contradiction in terms.

And btw evolution by natural selection has NEVER been demonstrated to do anything besides slightly altering existing populations. And even then those variations wobble around the norm.

Organized complexity -- and that includes everything capable of designing anything intelligently -- comes LATE into the universe. It cannot exist at the beginning, as I have explained again and again in my writings.

The Great Dick has spoken! Science by decree!!!!

Explanations are worthless without the data to substantiate them.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Equivocation and Evolution continued

Last October I posted a piece I called Equivocation and Evolution, to highlight the blatant misrepresentation that evolutionists use in order to deceive anyone reading their comments.

This equivocation has now filtered into mechanisms- so called evolutionary mechanisms.

1. As I have pointed out many times, evolution is not being debated.

2. Evolutionary mechanisms could very well be telic- ie designed, as in designed to evolve, with genetic accidents being a small part of the scenario. See Dr Spetner's Not By Chance

And finally, as has been pointed out at least several thousand times, not one of the evolutionary mechanisms, nor any combination, has been demonstrated to do anything except provide slight, oscillating variations in an existing population.

Note: Page 67 of “The Edge of Evolution” Dr Behe has Table 4.1- Varieties of DNA Mutations- substitution, deletion, insertion, inversion, gene duplication, genome duplication. IOW those evolutionary mechanisms are not ignored.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Richard Dawkins- Sticks his foot in his mouth and covers it up by putting his head up his arse

In the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Richard Dawkins states that ID is scientific as long as the designer is not "God". IOW if the living organisms on this planet came to be here via alien involvement that is OK.

But wait THAT is all ID is saying- that we could be here via alien involvement- meaning ID does NOT care who/ what the designer(s) is(are).

So now Richie has put his foot into his mouth- pretty much all the way to the knee. And as some kind of retraction Richie says that those aliens did not require a designer!

Just how the heck did he figure that one out? Oh yeah, it is his "rectum hypothsis". IOW his head is so far up his arse he thinks that no one will notice his bit of unscientific pretense.

Pardon the Interruption

OK, I am back. I had to take time off because I was dealing with too many assholes:

1- blipey, who thinks science is done via a majority

2- zachriel, who does not know the difference between a paternal family tree and a patrilineage (zach thinks that a patrilineage is a paternal family tree- what a joker he is!

3- rishy, the fishy smelling liar who is about as dishonest as one can get.

4- richie hughes, a moron who doubtfully has ever had an original thought in his life

and others- my apologies if I haven't named you but I can get around to that as time goes on.