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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mike Keohan- Where's the Outrage- continued

As I stated in Mike Keohan- Where's the Outrage, Mike was just an average white guy who died while in police custody.

However he was more than that to the people who knew him. I now have an email adress and a phone number:

Steve Coley 1-213-974-3511

You can also send a letter- certified letter- the LA DA's office or to Gov. Arnold.

The case is still under investigation.

From talking with his brother it appears that Mike got out of his car at a red light and was approaching the car in front of him. He did not respond to police orders to stop- his brother said there were police already in the area- and they tasered him in the back. I don't know why two other officers also hit him with their tasers.

Another officer stated that Mike's body was still unusually warm a few hours after he died

His brother speculates that he was sick, disoriented and looking for the closest hospital. The route he was on indicates he may have been returning from Las Vegas. That explains what he was doing in East LA.

That is all I have. The rest is up to us to make sure this gets investigated properly.


  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Joe Mannetti said…

    I also worked with Mike as an actor in "NIGHTMARES." This is a horrific story. Whatever Mike did or did not do, he did not deserve such a brutal end.

    As for the LAPD, I have very little respect for them. They are often referred to as "our gang members in blue" for very good reason. They make it clear, through their actions, that their main priorities are enhancing revenue for California by aggressively giving out tremendous amounts of nonsense tickets or bullying people that they single out as easy targets. They do not enforce safety, and they are no friends of the public. This incident involving Mike appears like one more typical example of LAPD abuse. Needless and sad. My condolences to Mike's loved ones.


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