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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ken Miller- Liar or Dumbass?

Ken Miller is one of ID's leading and (allegedly) Christian, opponents. The problem is he lies and spews bullshit that other anti-IDists take as fact. In one anti-ID article Miller spews:

The very existence of the Type III Secretory System shows that the bacterial flagellum is not irreducibly complex.
No, it doesn't. You have to be a complete moron to even suggest such a thing. The two share components but the configurations are not the same.

Not only that you don't have a blind and mindless process capable of producing the type III secretory system. So all Miller has accomplished is to provide more evidence to support ID, the type III secretory system.

Ken Miller claims to be a Catholic and yet he lies and bears false witness. He doesn't even understand what ID says nor what is being debated.

It is very telling that Miller NEVER antes up and provides the evidence that demonstrates blind and mindless processes can produce either structure. he never even says how to test that claim.


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