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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Joshua Swamidass does the Dance

Christian that Affirm the Science of Evolution (CASE)- What a sad CASE it is:
I, personally, am a Christian who affirms evolutionary science.
What does that mean? There isn't any science behind 99% of the claims evolution makes.
I affirm evolution because it looks like life evolved, and there is no conflict between evolution and a faith grounded in Jesus.
The questions are from what did the diversity evolve from and what is the extent evolutionary processes can change a populations?

Dumbass Joshua is ignorant of the fact that Creationists accept that organisms evolved from the originally Created Kinds.

Methinks Joshua doesn't know what science entails. He will definitely NEVER say anything about science and the (alleged) evolution of vision systems. Because he can't. Science still has no idea how or even if vision systems evolved.

Joshua Swamidass- all mouth and no substance.


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