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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

John Harshman is an Imbecile

John Harshman may be good at creating trees but that is about it. He definitely doesn't understand evidence. Gould is wrong:
Common descent is a well-supported explanation for nested hierarchy, biogeographic patterns, etc.
Bullshit. Common descent doesn't explain a nested hierarchy. It cannot because it posits transitional forms, which would ruin any attempt to form distinct groups. Biogeographic patterns do not support Common Descent, either. That only supports variation and phenotypic plasticity.

Harshman is ignorant of nested hierarchies.

You lack a mechanism that can produce eukaryotes. And given single-celled eukaryotes you lack a mechanism for producing metazoans. Given metazoans you lack a mechanism that can produce different, viable body plans.
It’s a theory. It’s a fact too, because a fact is nothing more than a theory with overwhelming support.
It is neither. It is still remains untestable, wishful thinking.


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