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Friday, August 24, 2018

Peaceful Science Endorses Cowardly Equivocation

In the thread Is Evolution Speculation? the entire pint is equivocated away. What is the point? BLIND WATCHMAKER evolution, ie evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. THAT is untestable claptrap.

Blind watchmaker evolution doesn't have a mechanism capable of producing eukaryotes so there is no way universal common descent could happen under that scenario.

Darwin, the man himself, said one had prove a negative to refute his theory. Unfortunately he never demonstrated anything that needs to be refuted. He just made unsupportable claim after unsupportable claim. And all through the lense of ignorance of what the inner workings of the cell were and heredity.

It is very telling that no one on Peaceful Science has ever said how to test the claims of blind watchmaker evolution. Well the theistic evos there deny blind watchmaker evolution and jump to God did it via evolution- whatever that means. If God used evolution then it isn't blind watchmaker evolution. It is telic evolution. But to them that is OK.

TJ Runyon chimes in with:
I really want to see ID models for universal common ancestry
I would love to see blind watchmaker evolutionary models for universal common ancestry. However there still isn't a mechanism to produce eukaryotes so there never will be such a model. Clearly TJ is proud to be an equivocating coward.

And asshole Patrick Trischitta is there making his ignorant-based assertions. Earth to Patrick- no one uses blind watchmaker evolution for anything. It is useless and most likely harmful. Clearly you are also proud to be an ignorant ass.

I almost forgot this gem by TJ:
My favorite creationist saying is, “evolution isn’t science. You can’t test it. It isn’t falsifiable.” Then immediately after they will make arguments about proteins or something to show evolution is false. So you mean… You just falsified evolution? Something you just said can’t be done. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen that.

Umm, dumbass, evos do the same thing with ID. They say it isn't testable or falsifiable and btw we have falsified it. That said please do tell how to test the claim that ATP synthase evolved by means of blind and mindless processes. If you can't then you see the problem.


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