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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Patrick May- Just Another EvoTARD Coward

Poor little Patty May, making false accusations from his little safe haven.

Patty sez:

This reminds me of all the discussions with the intelligent design creationists of UD about genetic algorithms. Many of them appeared unable to distinguish between the model of evolutionary mechanisms and the implementation of the model.

Poor little Patty doesn't understand that GAs do NOT model unguided evolution. GAs do not model natural selection. GAs are an example of Intelligent Design Evolution.

This same confusion of the map and the territory is demonstrated by Joe’s response. Leaving aside the fact that he has clearly never understood even high school level math,

Hey assface, by the time I my junior in high school had ended I had my fill of high school math. They didn't have calculus. So in my senior year of high school I went to the local JUCO and took calculus at night. I was also the first underclassman at that school to hold the title of Chess Champion.

...he seems incapable of distinguishing between the value of an element in a set and the index of that element.
Again, numbers have a specific place along the number line. That position cannot be arbitrarily changed.

It seems that the ability to accept a literal reading of scripture is linked to the inability to consider abstractions.

Cool. I don't accept a literal reading of scripture. To me the Bible is just a collection of books and an interesting read.

BTW Patrick, Cantor accepted a literal reading of Scripture and he was a Creationist.


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