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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kevn R. McCarthy, AKA OgreMKV, science teacher, Chokes on Tiktaalik

As "evidence" for Common Descent Kevn R. McCarthy posted:
Plus, fossils provide a second back-check on our conclusions. The case of Tiktaalik is a perfect example. Knowledge of the fossil records allowed Dr. Shubin to predict the age and type of rock where a transitional fossil like Tiktallik would be found. If the organism was found, then it should have certain characters based on what we know of both prior and post organisms.

Not only was Tiktaalik found exactly where predicted, the characters of the organism perfectly aligned with evolutionary based prediction.

Yet according to Neil Shubin in his book "Your Inner Fish" he was looking in strata between 385-365 million years old because he thought that tetrapods did not exist before 385 MYA but they did exist after 365 MYA.

Then along comes another find that put the earliest tetrapods back to over 390 million years ago.

Shubin was looking in the wrong place and wrong strata.


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