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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Kevn R. McCarthy, AKA OgreMKV, alleged Science Teacher Still Spewing Lies

Kevin R. McCarthy is so pathetic. He is now saying thta I have undertaken a stalking campaign against me- that is a lie Kevn. All I am doing is exposing you as the liar and ignorant asshole that you are.

And if you weren't such a liar and ignorant asshole and throwing it around, I wouldn't bother with you. But the fact that you are a liar, and lie about me, ID and science, then it became my issue to deal with. And this is how I will deal with it, by continuing to make sure these posts pop up whenever people search for you.

Now you can try to stop me by taking me to Court but that is what I want. That way I can prove my claims about you and there won't be anything you can do about it but sit there and take it.

BTW I understand why you wouldn't want your real identity exposed. Anyone as stupid as you wants to stay anonymous.


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