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Monday, December 13, 2010

Spontaneous Generation

Richtard Hughes is flailing away trying to find someone who agrees with him on the meaning of "spontaneous". Well he managed to find a couple of people who do. No surprise there as there are many dolts in this world who also have access to the intertubes.

So the following is a reference from a biology course:

Spontaneous Generation

It doesn't support Richtard. Go figure.

Wikipedia on spontaneous generation
Classical notions of abiogenesis, now more precisely known as spontaneous generation, held that certain complex, living organisms are generated by decaying organic substances.

It is all about living organisms coming from decaying/ rotting stuff- and that does not happen instantaneously.

Talk origins doesn't say anything about suddenly/ instantaneously.

I have also found Richtard's quote-mine but with different wording:
The assertion that life can commonly arise from nonliving matter is called spontaneous generation. Here are the critical experiments that busted the myth.

Richtard's quote-mine can be found here- it contains the word "instantaneously" as opposed to "commonly".

I have also found a more recent article from that same author who has seemed to change her tune- the word "instantaneously" is missing.


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