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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evolutionary Unit of Measure- the Darwin

Evolutionists love to nag IDists about the alleged lack of rigor pertaining to ID's measuring sticks- specifically complex specified information and irreducible complexity.

So when I recently asked about measuring evolution, Dave the Thought Provoker dredged up the Darwin:

One Darwin is defined to be an e-fold (about 2.718) change in a trait over one million years.

Rate of evolution

Haldane's paper in which he coined the term.

Unfortunately the differences in the traits that can be measured in this manner can be accounted for by epigenetic factors.

But anyway we also have "the haldane", Philip Gingerich talks about both - Research on Rates of Evolution

One problem is neither deal with genetics, as in how many mutations does it take.

Does anyone think these units of measure are of any use?

If so please explain.


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