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Friday, August 14, 2020

FlashBack: Kevin McCarthy's Howler


Years ago I participated in a debate with an evoTARD from Texas, Kevin McCarthy. No, not the successful politician, This one is a Texas douche. But anyway, the debate was "Intelligent Design is NOT Anti-Evolution". I was fort hat claim and Kevin was against it.

In the run-up to the debate I had said that I can't wait to see Kevin's definition of "evolution" that excluded Intelligent Design evolution. Kevin's response proved that he is a clueless twit:

2) You might want to look back at what we agreed to.  The topic is "ID is not anti-evolution"... why does any definition of evolution even come into this?  

Seriously, he posted that. He didn't understand that to show ID was anti-evolution you need to provide the definitions of evolution and show that ID argues against them. And from his posts in the debate he proved that he is totally clueless. He thought that because ID argued against DARWINIAN evolution, i.e. evolution by means of blind and mindless processes, that it argued against ALL evolution.

The tell came when he refused to answer my questions. An he refused to understand that the word "Darwinian" before the word "evolution" is an adjective that has meaning.

The point being is that evolutionists are a clueless and dishonest lot. They are cowardly equivocators who think their cowardice and equivocations are real arguments.


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