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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The "Arrival of the Fittest"?

The book "Arrival of the Fittest" is supposed to take us where Darwin didn't and it does so but not in the sense the title suggests. The book takes us through metabolism and what it takes to create the chemical reactions that sustain living organisms. It then discusses the metabolic network and how the reactions required to sustain living organisms are all connected.

Then the book moves on to proteins and how proteins that have similar folds that do similar jobs can vary by over 80% of their amino acids. Some don't even share any common amino acids but still have the same shape and do the same job.

All of that is great but he never says how any of that actually arrived. What he does say seems to implicate a great organization of proteins and metabolic reactions. But he never says how all of that arrived.

He does say that RNA pre-dated proteins but he doesn't offer any evidence for that. No one has ever offered any evidence for a RNA world. All anyone has shown is that there is a need for such a world in a non-telic scenario.

The "Arrival of the Fittest" fails to live up to its title. And despite what evolutionists say it does nothing to Intelligent Design as it fails to demonstrate how blind and mindless processes did it.


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