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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jeffrey Shallit is a Moron

Jeffrey Shallit is a moron because he is unable to understand that everything a computer does traces back to the programmer who wrote the program(s). And yes that means it does so even if the programmer is dead and the program continues to gather data.

Jeff doesn't understand that without programmers there wouldn't be any programs and computers would be useless. They would gather dust and not data. scroll down and read our exchanges.

Jeff said that it is foolish to say that information requires a mind because computer programs can produce information and they don't have minds. I stepped in and told him that the mind is that of the programmer. That is because computers do what we program them to do. Computers just take the place of humans. This is all basic knowledge and yet Jeffrey steadfastly refuses to get it.

Willful ignorance it is, then, Jeff. Nice job


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