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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Nicholass J. Matzke- Still Cluless

Nick responds:

What do you think Meyer's rhetoric about "assume a gene" means?? It means that Meyer thinks evolutionary biologists are just making stuff up when they conclude that two different genes with similar sequences descend from a common ancestral gene via gene duplication + mutational divergence. If he accepts that these processes are real, then his "assume a gene" rhetoric doesn't make any sense.
Context is important Nick. It all depends on what genes in what species. There isn't any science behind saying all similar genes arose via gene duplication and subsequent diverging mutations, especially when there are other mechanisms to explain the similarity.

So only in certain cases does Meyer think that evolutionary biologists are making stuff up. People can accept that gene duplications coupled with diverging mutations can occur without believing that all similar genes arose that way.

IOW, Nick, you are just an ignorant ass and apparently proud of it.


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