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Friday, May 02, 2014

Larry Moran, Obsessed with Junk DNA and Pissing in the Wind

For some reason Larry Moran is obsessed with what he considers to be junk DNA.  Some of that could be because some IDists have said there should be little to none. IMHO ID doesn't say anything about it. ID is not about optimal design.

That said, given a design scenario we mere humans have no idea what DNA's entire repertoire is. We aren't in any position to say what is and isn't junk because we have no idea how it all really works. Heck given a design scenario even I can think of possible uses for what Larry thinks is junk- information storage, structural considerations, future considerations and data headers/ markers.

But that isn't even the point. We will gladly grant that Larry's unguided evolution can produce junk DNA. But we await Larry showing us that unguided evolution can produce DNA with functional sequence complexity (Crick's biological information) in the first place. We also await Larry's testable model for unguided evolution producing anything of note, ie something we could use to see if it is up to the task at hand-> the diversity of life from some allegedly much simpler beginnings.

Sure unguided evolution is great at breaking things and it could even be a good junk collector. What else do you have, Larry?

The more Larry Moran talks about unguided evolution, the more impotent it sounds.


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