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Friday, February 21, 2014

"Intelligent Design:Required by Biological Life?" by K.D. Kalinsky

EvoTARDs scoff at probabilty arguments not realizing that probabilities are the only way to test their claims. That's because no one can figure out how to properly model blind watchmaker evolution.

The point? I was going through my PDFs and found this gem from 6 years ago- Intelligent Design: Required for Biological Life? by KD Kalinsky.

I. Introduction:

This article is meant to stimulate thought and discussion. As that discussion unfolds, I expect that this article will be revised over time in the same way that a paper submitted to a journal is often revised during the process of review. The purpose of this article is to attempt to bring some clarity to the discussion of intelligent design and the origin and diversity of biological life. Essentially, we have two options. Either biological life required intelligent design or it did not. As with most problems in science, it is difficult to prove one option or another with absolute certainty. Instead, options can be evaluated against each other in an attempt to estimate which option is more likely. Even then, the fact that one option may be more likely than another does not 'prove' that it is actually the case. Instead, I will propose a way in which both options can be evaluated against each other. The results indicate that it seems highly likely that intelligent design was required for biological life.


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