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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Darwinian Algorithm? Or a Misguided Liddle?

Yup it's a misguided Liddle as there isn't any such thing as a "darwinian algorithm". Heck who would use blind and undirected processes to try to solve a problem? Not even evolutionists are stupid enough to even try that.

You know someone has no clue wrt darwinian evolution when they use "darwinian algorithm", and yet Lizzie does exactly that.   Go figure.


Out of one side of their mouths they say that Dembski is wrong because Darwinian evolution is not a search (as if that helps them but that is another story).

And out of the other side they say that Eureqa, which utilizes an active search (ie a goal-oriented targeted search) for a data fitting equation, uses Darwinian mechanisms.

Goal-oriented targeted searches are Intelligent Design evolution in action. When something actively selects out of a range of choices and actively makes constrained changes to the selections to achieve a pre-specified result, well that is the antithesis of blind watchmaker evolution.


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