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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ask CakeBoy!

Over on TSZ there is a thread titled "Ask an Expert!". Alan Fox asks:
I wonder if anyone is working on how innate behaviours are passed on in the gametes.
It's all part of the software package, Alan. However only under the Intelligent Design scenario would we even look for such a thing. Given blind watchmaker evolution (BWE) no one will ever find it and it will remain a mystery to BWE's subscribers.

Dr Sermonti talks about this in his book "Why Is A Fly Not A Horse?"- it ain't the chemistry. Birds hatched without parents to teach them knew how and when to migrate via the stars.

Information, Alan. It is neither matter nor energy. No organism can live without it. It not only makes an organism what it is, it also helps an organism do what it does.

It's all part of the design, Alan. You will never see it and BWE will never explain it.

ETA- Alan Fox "responds":

Joe, it has to be the chemistry. It has to be in the chromosomes of the parents or in the epigenetic material in the egg. There is nowhere else for it to be. I agree there is no evolutionary explanation for precisely how innate behaviour patterns can be passed on through generations. Are you suggesting there is an “Intelligent Design” explanation? Do tell!

Do tell why it has to be chemistry? How did you make that determination? It has to be in the chromosomes of the parents or in the epigenetic material in the egg? I agree with that part as I said the software is in the egg and sperm. Yes it could be in the chromosomes but Vetner's experiment demonstrated that wrt bacteria it is not in the DNA

 And I told you what the ID explanation is. You read it and obviously choked on it. It's software Alan Dr Johnson talks about it in "The Programming of Life".

Actual immaterial information is what gives organisms their innate behaviour.


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